HAZE 500ah 2volt battery AGM

HZB2-500-1 2volt Bloc 500ah

Dimensions 211 x 176 x 329mm 8.31 x 6.93 x 12.95inch (LxWxH)


HAZE 2volt range has a 15 year design life and ideally suited for temperature controlled installations with low to medium outage rates.

HAZE HZB 2v batteries use a special formation process and high quality materials to suit the requirements of UPS and DC Power applications.





Tough ABS case with INSERT TERMINALS as standard.

V0 flame retardant casing option available.

Maintenance Free, fully sealed construction eliminates the need for watering.

Batteries are VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid)

Spill Proof Lead Proof

Multi-Position Usage.

Safety valves release gas only when overcharged.

Low Self Discharge (1-3% per month is typical.)


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