HAZE TEL Range Overview

The Haze Telecom TEL Range is dedicated for communications and standby power applications.  Ideal for specialised cabinet battery replacement or new installations the TEL range incorporates UL94 compliant V0 casing and special formation process for dependable standby power.  Operating temperature range -4 °F to 122 °F 

Available in US and Canada only.

Battery ModelDescriptionDimensions (Inches) & approx weight (Lbs)Terminal Layout
TEL40F12v 40ah V08.863.908.8629.0M5
TEL60F12v 55ah V010.914.138.7839.6M6
TEL105F12v 100Ah V019.964.298.9471.8M6
TEL100F12v 100Ah V015.554.3311.2272.0M6
TEL145F12v 142Ah V016.426.779.45101.7M6
TEL150F12v 150Ah V021.654.2911.26107.2M6
TEL200F12v 180Ah V022.054.9212.60128.0M8
TEL15T12v 17.7Ah V07.872.994.8411.4M6
TEL40T12v 41.3Ah V09.843.687.6429.4M6
TEL60T12v 59Ah V08.664.769.8640.9M6
TEL3012v 33Ah V07.685.126.3023.7M6
TEL80X12v 100Ah V012.056.618.3165.6M6
TEL9012v 110Ah V012.956.818.2372.1M6

TEL105F 102AH Front Terminal Battery

Dimensions 19.96 x 4.29 x 8.94inches LxWxH (insert post)

TEL200F 199AH Front Terminal Battery

Dimensions 22.05 x 4.92 x 12.60inches LxWxH (insert post)

TEL40T 40AH Telecom Battery

Dimensions 9.84 x 3.68 x 7.64inches LxWxH (insert post)