HAZE 6 & 12 Volt Monobloc GEL

The Haze HZY – GEL range covers Ah capacities from 7Ah to 230Ah (C10) with dimensions suitable for racking systems for maximum space utilisation.
Specially designed racks and cabinets are available with cables and connectors to suit. GEL is especially suited for non-premium sites with medium to frequent outage rates and non-climate controlled environments, for less extreme temperature variations and reduced cyclic demands please consult the Haze HZB – AGM range.

HZB 12v 6v GEL Range Summary

Battery ModelVoltsCapacity C20Lengthmm Width heightkgs WeightlengthInches WidthHeight lbs WeightTerminal layout
HZY6-7.567.71503494(100)1.25.911.343.7 (3.9)2.7B-T1
HZY6-10610.31515095(101)1.85.941.973.8 (4.0)4.0B-T1
HZY12-7.5127.71516594(100)2.45.942.563.7 (4.0)5.3D-T1
HZY12-181217.7181761675.57.132.996.5712.2C – M5
HZY12-261226.31781681249.27.016.614.8820.3C – M5
HZY12-331236.419513016010.57.685.126.3023.2B – M6
HZY12-441245.419816715713.57.806.576.1829.8C – M6
HZY12-551259.722913821317.79.025.438.3939.1 B – M6
HZY12-601276.422813921718.88.985.478.5441.5 B – M6
HZY12-70J1271.534916817522.613.746.616.8949.9C – M6
HZY12-701285.626016821124.210.246.618.3153.5B – M6
HZY12-801287.926016821124.410.246.618.3153.9B – M6
HZY12-10012105.230616821128.512.056.618.3163.0B – M6
HZY12-11012118.632917320930.912.956.818.2368.3B – M6
HZY12-11512116.2349174216.537.013.746.858.5281.8B – M6
HZY12-12012121.640817622434.816.066.938.8276.9B – M6
HZY12-13512161.534017328344.113.396.8111.1497.5B – M6
HZY12-15012159.048217024045.018.986.699.4599.5B – M6
HZY12-16012191.053020921454.020.878.238.43119.3E – M6
HZY12-20012245.652224022063.020.559.458.66139.2E – M8
HZY12-23012262.752126920374.520.5110.597.99164.6E – M8
HZY6-1106122.919316820517.97.606.618.0739.6A – M6
HZY6-1556192.028217728231.011.106.9711.1068.5A – M8
HZY6-1606188.729817122626.911.736.738.9059.4A – M6
HZY6-2006221.232317822531.112.727.018.8668.7A – M8
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HZY12-100 91Ah GEL battery

Dimensions 306 x 168 x 211mm or 12.05 x 6.61 x 8.31inches LxWxH (insert post)

HZY12-150 GEL battery

Dimensions 482 x 170 x 240mm or 18.98 x 6.69 x 9.45inches LxWxH (insert post)

HZY12-55 Deep Cycle GEL battery

Dimensions 229 x 138 x 213mm or 9.02 x 5.43 x 8.39inches LxWxH (insert post)