• HAZE Deep Cycle GEL
    Batteries for stationary applications
  • HAZE Long Life Range
    Bloc batteries for Industrial, UPS and Telecom installations.
  • HAZE Mobility Range
    Dependable cycle life, cranking amps and deep discharge capability.


  1. High Rate Discharge

    AGM is especially suited for premium sites with low to medium outage rates and climate controlled environments.   For more information see the HZB 2volt, 6volt and 12volt ranges

  2. Cyclic stationary applications.

    HAZE 2 Volt, 6volt and 12volt GEL ranges are especially suited for non-premium sites with medium to frequent outage rates and non-climate controlled environments

  3. Electric Vehicles

    HAZE Deep Cycle AGM HZB EV and Deep Cycle GEL HZY EV ranges deliver maximum cyclic capacity for electric vehicles, scooters, golf carts, wheelchairs and other frequent use applications.

  4. Telecom and UPS

    HAZE front terminal AGM HZB FA and GEL HZY FA front access ranges are ideal for 19inch cabinet installation.

  5. Marine GEL

    HAZE Marine GEL HZY MR range delivers cranking amps, general power and long/deep discharges without the need for immediate recharge. LONG CYCLE LIFE and resistance to the elements.