HZY2-600 2volt Bloc 600Ah GEL battery


Dimensions 600 x 301 x 175mm or 18.98 x 6.69 x 9.45inches LxWxH (insert post)

HAZE 2volt range has a 15 year design life and ideally suited for less temperature controlled installations with higher outage rates.

HAZE HZY 2v batteries use a special formation process and thixotropic gelled filling to suit the requirements of UPS and DC Power applications.



2 Volts

Design life 15 Years

600ah C10

Operating Range -20 °C to 50 °C

Calcium / Tin lead alloy Grid

Flat Pasted Plates

Microporous polymer Separator

Thixotropic Gel

Very high purity lead

ABS (VO on request)

Float 2.25 – 2.30 VPC @25 °C Cyclic – See Haze Cyclic charging profile. Max ripple 0.05C (A)

Gelled Sulphuric acid Analytical grade purity

EPDM Rubber 1.5 to 2 psi (10.5 – 14 KPa) release pressure. Resealing at 1 psi (7 KPa)

Epoxy sealed by extended mechanical paths

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